Saturday, May 14, 2011

Paint Mixing Science

I've had a bag full of baby food jars under my classroom sink for almost a year now, and they haven't been used. I sometimes visit them, and think longingly of the projects to do with them, but then put them back.

Glass and three year olds? No bueno! Right?

Well, since I've been blogging, teachers like Teacher Tom do have three year olds tinkering with real materials. They are being allowed to handle "dangerous items" like glass, hot glue guns, and hammers.
Check out this article, Let the Children Play With Fire for even more arguments about the benefits of taking risks. Every time I read about it, or see it, I can't help but wonder if I need to loosen the reigns a little more in my own classroom.

I've talked to my director about getting a wood working bench for outside. So far, I've only convinced her to let us play blocks or do special projects on it. I would slowly like to integrate the use of real tools and wood. We'll see.

So anyway, I finally pulled out the baby food jars, and we got to work. We are running low on tempura paint at the moment, and I had some left over liquid starch in my supply closet. 

Using liquid water colors and starch, the kids mixed up finger paint.

When children are able to do "real" tasks, they gain self confidence.
A short while later, we took the paints outside to use at the easel:

The colors came out semi-translucent, but vibrant and beautiful.

At last count, there have been three spills, but so broken glass! 

Happy playing!

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  1. A little risk is fun :) And I think necessary in their development! Good for you to let them use glass and to pour the start on their own! Messes don't hurt anyone.


Thanks for you comment! Happy playing!

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