Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wikki Stix

If you don't know what Wikki Stix are, I suggest you pay attention! If you do, then you know what a flexible, durable, and open-ended and unique tool they can be. Wikki Stix are string dipped in wax. They are bendable like pipe-cleaners, but won't stick you with any metal edges.

The wonderful thing about Wikki Stix is that they are incredibly open-ended. You can leave them out by themselves and watch them be manipulated into just about anything.

If you do theme-based teaching, wikki stix can be adapted to fit just about any theme! You can use them to form letters, shapes, animals, balls, or whatever. I can't stress enough how much I love this product.
Braeden makes a square, two eyes, a nose, and a sad face. Ellie uses hers to mold to the picture. I see creativity and deep concentration going on in this picture.
These have been twisted and bent into a rainbow.
On this day, we added Popsicle sticks. The X shapes turn into...
This activity attracted a lot of boys.
They had to take the planes out for a test ride. All. Around. The. Room.
Each plane was unique.
This one took a lot of thought and effort! can buy the generic brand at Walmart and get more bang for your buck. They work just the same!

What other open-ended materials would you place with Wikki Stix to encourage creativity?

Happy playing!

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