Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Box Week

  Last week was box week. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to. After the children did something new and brilliant with the boxes, I would think, "UGH! Why didn't I bring my camera outside with me?!" 

I did manage to get a few pics of the children painting the boxes...

My favorite was when Robert decided to paint inside the box...and got blue paint in his hair....and on his nose! :)

     As the week progressed, the big box went from being a tunnel, to a house with windows, to a jumping castle (after the box fell apart), to a go-cart, to an airplane, to a space ship, to a tree fort, to a cave:

I had just planned for tunnels. :) Sometimes the kids' imaginations puts mine to shame. That's why I love this job. I love watching their creativity and imagination grow. 

I have quite a few big boxes at home that I can bring in...the big one has seen its last day. Just because "Box week" is over, doesn't mean the fun has to be. The more exposure children have to open-ended toys, the more opportunity for creative thinking, problem solving, and building social skills.

I had missed a great picture...two sets of feet resting outside the window...both children giggling under the box. By the time my camera clicked, I just captured the one shoe...
Happy playing!


  1. What fun with a BOX! You should head over to Tinkerlab tomorrow - she's having a blogiversary party with 20 other bloggers and they're all doing cardboard box ideas!

    Thanks for linking up these fun box ideas to It's Playtime!


  2. Seriously, is there anything more versatile (and fun) than a cardboard box! A wonderful example of play based learning :)

  3. Thanks, ladies! For the first few days, the box was simply a place to crawl into, and jump on.

    After the box finally fell apart, and they had a few days exposure to it, they took the play to the next level.

    All that's left is three huge pieces of cardboard, and we are using the left over pieces as a place to sit on the grass during outdoor group time. It's also been used as a table... The fun continues!


Thanks for you comment! Happy playing!

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