Saturday, May 14, 2011

Glass and Water Experiment

Last week we pulled out the baby food jars, and mixed up some paint. We used the other half of the baby food jars for our Glass and Water Experiments:

On each tray, I filled one baby jar with water, and left the other empty. I also put out Popsicle sticks, spoons, and plastic eye droppers.

Giovanni practices squeezing the plastic eye dropper to get water.

I was expecting a lot of banging, but as usual, Cordy, who amazes me with her ability to think outside the box, surprises me. She pours water from one jar to the other, and tests to see if the jars will balance. Then, keeping the jars connected, she flipped them, and watched the water move from one jar to the next without spilling.

Some of the kids were happy to pour the water out and splash their hands in the tray. Next time, I'll put towels on the table to catch spilled water.

And when banging and pouring got boring, Sydney and Taryn filled all the jars with water, and lined them up. They used spoons and plastic eye droppers to move water from one jar to the other. There was a LOT of testing going on!

Next time I would like to add colors to the jars, to watch the color mixing action that will inevitably take place!

Happy playing!

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