Sunday, May 15, 2011

Giovanni's sidewalk

On Friday, Giovanni discovered a box of paper in the art center. The paper is the kind that comes connected into one loooooooooooooooooooong piece, with serrated edging for easy ripping. Usually the children rip off one or two sheets at a time. Indeed, there were several girls at the table who had done that very thing, and were happily coloring with stencils and markers.

Not Giovanni. He pulled out a long strip of paper, and declared it to be a "sidewalk!" Of course, sidewalks go on the ground.

I helped him tape the first few pieces to the ground, and then handed him the tape. He got right to work. 

When I took a picture of the taping job he did, he asked my why. I said, "Because I'm proud of you." He smiled.
"Look, Ms. Gina. I have jelly beans. This one is cherry, and this one is apple..."
He cut out a bug for the sidewalk, and here he is adding legs with crayons.
This process took him about 40 minutes to complete--a testament to the importance of allowing children TIME to play. Children need long, uninterrupted segments of free play to develop ideas, test them, and learn from them.

Oh and the sidewalk? Its now hanging proudly in the hallway!

Happy playing!

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