Sunday, May 15, 2011

Water painting

We've been blessed with some beautiful weather these past few weeks! It's really heating up, now, so I decided to do an "oldie but goodie" activity:  
Water painting. 
A first hand experience of evaporation--Science in action!
Splatting the water is half the fun! 

Braeden draws a circle around his body, simultaneously working on that bilateral movement which is so important for brain development and large motor coordination. 
The trees needed a bath. 

Children need opportunities to make marks on an upright easel. This supports the correct way to hold a pencil, which is a skill they will need for the rest of their schooling career. It's our job to make time and materials available for such experiences.
I'll never "get" the need to dip your forehead in the water, but I'll roll with it!

Chloe and Beyza wash the hose reel (It had previously been chalked on)
All clean!
Chloe's paint brushes turn into "Karate Ninja Chops!" I asked who she was going to ninja chop, and she replied, "I'm going to karate ninja chop bad guys and bad crocodiles who are chompin' on my my teacher!" hahaha....

 Water painting is so simple to do, but very fun. You can vary it up in several ways:
  • Have the children color with chalk on the wet sidewalk, wall, tree, or whatever. The colors come out more vibrant, and mix together.
  • Offer a variety of brushes to paint with.
  • Add color to the water...liquid water colors by Discount School Supply are completely washable. 
  • Instead of painting with water, you can try Time for Play's "Fizzing Painting" with baking soda, cornstarch, water, and the color of your choice. After you finish your painting, spray it with vinegar and watch the painting fizz! (I haven't personally tried this, but will ASAP! Stay tuned...)
  • Mix up some Sidewalk Paint like they did over at Petite Elephant: Cornstarch, water, and the color of your choice. Cornstarch also washes away very easily. 

Happy playing! 


  1. I love doing this! I used to do this with my Kindergartners, it's fun to see the water evaporate. Cute blog! I'm excited to follow!

  2. We love waterpainting in this house! I leave a pot of water and paintbrushes out all the time, and Sweet Pea just comes along and paints with it at random times throughout the day. Sometimes on the easel, sometimes on the chalkboard, sometimes on the floor, sometimes on the windows, sometimes on the furniture, and sometimes on herself! Easiest clean-up for me and maximum painting freedom for her!


Thanks for you comment! Happy playing!

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