Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guest Post: Why We Love Finger Painting

Have you been over to visit Leslie at Play Ideas--Early Childhood Activities? If not, you are missing out! I've pinned many of her tried and true play ideas on my pinboards on Pinterest, and I've fallen in love with her new blog. Leslie was kind enough to guest post on Play-Based Classroom while I take a blogging break. When you're done reading, why don't you hop on over to Play Ideas, and have a peek at her quick, easy to implement ideas for play?

Why we love finger painting
Finger painting feels great and it is a delightful, creative, sensory experience. It is an unstructured and completely child-centered activity.  It also helps children learn and develop: moving skills, feeling skills and thinking skills.
They have a sense of purpose and curiosity as they discover what marks they can make.
They watch and experiment as the marks change and change again before their eyes.
They work independently in active, hands-on learning.
They take pride in their creations - “Look what I made by myself.”
Providing opportunities for them to explore a variety of materials is what parents and teachers can do and then watch them have fun.
Suggestions to extend finger play:
Add sand to the paint.
Add glitter to the paint.
Use coloured glue instead of paint and add beads to the glue.

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