Saturday, May 14, 2011

Outdoor Music Wall and Blog Hop

Child Central Station is having a blog hop about outdoor music play. Inspired, I found the photos from our music wall! 
It started off pretty simply...with just a few pans and a recycled bottle of bubble juice.

Our fence is metal, so anytime you bang on the pots or chime, there is a nice ringing sound. The plastic bottle is fun to throw over the fence...

You can see Chris in the back working out how to get the plastic bottle back to his side of the fence. In the foreground, the gals enjoy making music.

Robert bangs on the pan like a drum, making two sounds at once: His hands banging on the pot, and the pot banging against the fence.

Later, I added more recycled plastic bottles, each with a different filling: colored rice, beans, small pebbles, sand, and water.

Again, while it was fun to shake them, many children enjoyed throwing them over the fence and back. Bonus: when the bottle would hit the fence, it made a satisfying sound! 
I am super inspired by the other ideas for outdoor music play I saw on the blog hop! I've already made plans with my director to put some of them into effect as soon as possible. Check them out for yourself: 

Happy playing!


  1. Gina thank you for linking up! I'm so glad you were inspired! There are so many great outdoor music making options! How cool is it that you have a built in musical fence :).

  2. im making a music wall for my job and these are really good ideas.

    1. Thank you, and have fun. Consider having the children help you make some of the instruments. :)


Thanks for you comment! Happy playing!

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