Saturday, June 25, 2011

Recycled plastic bottles, mirrors, and loose parts

This week was bubble week, and to prepare, I cut several clear plastic bottles in half (I used 2 liter soda bottles, and some 12 oz water bottles as well). The top halves were recycled into bubble snake makers, which I'll talk about in my next post.

I couldn't talk myself into throwing out the bottom halves, so I brought them into the classroom too! I thought to use them as flower pots, or perhaps pretty little baskets for sorting markers/crayons. Pretty soon, I realized that I didn't even have to come up with any special use for them. The children solved that problem for me:

The shiny clear containers were perfect for loose parts and mirrors at the science center.
I worried that the edges might be too sharp, but they were pretty happy exploring, so I didn't want to interrupt. 
The clear colored floral rocks are always the favorite. They were perfect for this activity.
I only recently put the mirrors out, because I only have two of them. I was nervous to put anything out that couldn't be done with the whole table, because three year old children aren't known for sharing. However I found that they were more than capable of communicating: "It's our turn. You can have a turn when we're all done!"
Ellie patiently waits for her turn with a mirror while also enjoying the new bottle halves.
There was a lot of dumping and pouring.
But there was also sorting and counting.
Ellie finally gets a turn, and her patience paid off...she got to play with two mirrors all by herself! :)

It really only takes a simple change to draw interest into an area. The recycled plastic bottles continued to get used all week long. I often find myself "stowing" away containers after I use them under the sink. I wash them out, and save them for the day that we can use them in the classroom.

 Happy playing!

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  1. wow. thats really encouraging what these kids are doing. i hope many are inspired to recycle plastic.

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Thanks for you comment! Happy playing!

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