Sunday, June 19, 2011

Magnets in the sensory table

Sometimes accidents turn into the best surprises! 

On this day, I was washing out the sensory tub, leaving the sensory table top open, and exposing the contents below. Underneath our sensory tub is a storage shelf, and this is where I store funnels, measuring cups, pitchers, sink/float items, wooden spoons, sifters, etc. 

The children re-discovered the magnets, which have been ignored for the better part of the year. Instead of filling the sensory table with water like I had planned, we filled it with magnets instead.

The girls have a magnet war. They noticed that their wands attracted each other, and they spent twenty minutes hooking their wands together, then pulling them apart!
Stuck together
They literally pulled with all their might to pull the wands apart! Not only did they learn about magnetic attraction and exercise their large muscles, but they sure had a blast!
Happy playing! 

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