Monday, June 13, 2011

The Waterfall

There is something about water that is so irresistible, although living in AZ, one might argue it's because it's 127 degrees outside!

Regardless of the reasons, during the summer time, it's a given that there will be water available at all times when outside. 

We have a two sides to our playground--the toddler side, and pre-k side. On the pre-k side, they have a large sandbox (big enough to fit at least 30 children at a time). On my side, we have a couple of water tables and a hose.

I need to make it a point to have more outdoor water toys available like cups, scoops, and funnels, without which promoted creativity in water containers on this occasion. Ellie recycled a used chip bag to carry water. The boys found sponges left over from our Tire Washing day.

It was business as usual, until Braeden and Giovanni decided to bring over the climbing ramp from one our play structures.
What do you see happening in this photo? I see pre-writing, science, and sensory happening simultaneously. The water provides a cool, sensory experience while squeezing a sponge strengthens little hands for holding  a pencil. Meanwhile, the children learn about ramps, inclines, gravity, and motion all in one beautiful moment.

As the water inevitably ran out, more was retrieved from the near-by water fountain.

Braeden uses the sponge to catch the water falling from Giovanni's squeeze, and then recycles it for the waterfall. 
Around 5pm, we normally join the older kids at the other playground. Not wanting to disrupt the waterfall action, we transported the water table and ramp over to the sandbox.
It drew a large crowd--the tell-tale sign of a good activity
Taryn, quite the opportunist, takes advantage of all that free water at the bottom of the waterfall!
This lasted for the rest of the afternoon. Because of the heat, we have to continuously hose them down and make them drink water to keep them cool, but making time for outdoor play is worth it.

Happy playing!

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