Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring garden

I've never been much of a gardener. I was at first resistant to the idea of a classroom garden, because it was out of MY comfort zone.But, one day, Lachlan asked me, "Ms. Gina, how do flowers grow?"

How could I resist a blatant learning opportunity like this? We discussed how plants grow during circle time to gauge both interest and knowledge base. Most of the children had no idea!

I explained that plants need water and sun to grow, and since it doesn't rain every day, we would be in charge of watering the plants! Outside, we gathered some squirt bottles to water the plants. 

The bamboo plant was very popular:

Of course, we couldn't just leave it at that! It IS spring, after all. The children asked if we could plant some plants for the garden, and I forced myself to leave my comfort zone.

I asked the children what they wanted...vegetables to eat or flowers to bring the butterflies?

The butterflies won.

I figured we could all learn as we go. I bought a seed starting kit at Walmart for about six dollars, and spent all of 2 dollars on seeds

I wish I had thought of my camera while they were planting, but I didn't!

The other classrooms are growing vegetables in the outside garden, and we will too, but for now, we are starting off with some flowers to bring the butterflies!

Each child got to have his/her own flowers!

And it only took about a week to get some results!

We just got a generous donation of tires. I see tire "planters" in our future! The only question is...what to plant?

Happy playing!

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