Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recyclables Sculpture

A child's imagination is a marvelous thing. It is amazing what the children will come up with when presented with a box, a bunch of scraps, some glue, and of course, recycled items. 
I planned for this project to be done at the end of the week, but that will depend on the children's interest.

I have no idea what the sculpture will look like when completed, but so far, the children have enjoyed working on it.

Sometimes they work on it for the whole free-choice period, and other times they drift in and out, making their additions a little at a time.

By the way:
  • When your child squeezes a bottle of glue, he/she is strengthening little hands for writing.
  • When your child makes a decision about where a scrap piece will be glued, or where to paint, he/she is building self confidence and independence.
  • When your child mixes paint colors, or glue with paint, he/she is building scientific skills needed for inquiry--the process of asking questions and investigating to find the answer.
  • When your child needs a paint brush that someone else has, he/she is practicing precious social skills ("Can I use that paint brush?")
  • When the teacher asks open-ended questions about the project, your child has the opportunity to build vocabulary, and use descriptive language.
Isn't learning fun?

Happy playing...

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