Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Choo Choo!

Most of the children were engaged in centers time. Some of the children played legos, others were in house nook, while still others were busy making art at the art center.

It only takes one child to change the classroom dynamic...

While I was busy picking up blocks, two children came to talk with me. They sat in chairs while we discussed, when all of sudden, she had a brilliant idea! "Lets make a choo choo!"

What began with two chairs lined up, ended with this:

The other children abandoned their activities to help make the "choo-choo." I could have asked them to return to their centers. I could have had them go clean up before joining the activity. I could have...but I chose to get my camera out instead!

I was pretty amazed at the leadership, teamwork and cooperative play I saw being displayed, as she assigned roles: "I'm the driver, and you're the passengers!" As more children joined the train, the others scooted closer together to make room.

Amazingly, this scene occurred with no bickering, arguing, or fighting. As quickly as it happened, so it dispersed. 2 minutes after this photo was taken, the chairs were returned to their tables, and the children moved on to other play.

Happy playing!

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