Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm going back to school.

Hello bloggers!

I've never really taken the time to talk about me, personally, but I just wanted to give a quick update about this upcoming fall semester. I am currently going to school to earn my AA in Early Childhood Education. This semester I will be taking 7 credits (3 classes), as well as working 30-35 hours a week. I'm also married, and I have a 2 year old (soon to be three) at home. This semester is likely to give me gray hairs!

Between family, work, school, and the blog, something will have to give, and it will probably be the blog (and probably house work...yes...I foresee lots of housework piling up, and fast food in my future...)

I will continue to try to update when I can--once the semester starts, I will try to keep up with a schedule. I still have LOTS of ideas and pictures to share with you all! This was also my way to communicate with parents, and I am really regretting that I won't get to devote as much time to this endeavor.

These past six months I have come to LOVE blogging to the point of obsession. I have learned so much from fellow bloggers, and I have grown as a teacher as a result.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read my little blog...a baby in the world of blogging! It means the world to me whenever I see that someone has been inspired by one of my posts, or just happens to click on by while searching for ideas for the classroom.

This is certainly not the end, and hopefully it will not be an extended break. I will keep you posted as often as possible.



  1. You can do it! I returned to school for my teaching certification when my youngest was 9 months old and my oldest was 2 and a half. Granted, I only had a very part-time job, but going to school full-time and maintaining the home were PLENTY. I am a new follower to your blog and have been very grateful for the ideas you've shared. I am "moving down" to pre-k this yr from first grade... and have enjoyed perusing your site for ideas. I wish you the best on this new adventure - and YES, the housework can always wait. ;)

  2. Thank you, Ellen! I need all the encouragement I can get while gearing up for this semester. I do hope you check out my pinboards on Pinterest. I have almost 900 pre-k friendly ideas on there all organized! It's a great resource.

    Thanks for the best wishes!

  3. Good luck Gina - are you in the USA?

  4. Thank you. :) Yes, I'm located in the states.

  5. Hi, I stumbled across your blog. You have some great ideas here. I also started school again in February. I had more time for my blog before, but now I hardly have time to update anymore. I don't have kids, but I still have work, school and house work. Good luck to you! It's not impossible and after a while it becomes a routine and gets easier.


Thanks for you comment! Happy playing!

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