Sunday, July 31, 2011

Water Colors on Cardboard Squares

  The children made this gorgeous display with box flaps and paint!

I saved two large, white cardboard boxes from the recycling bin. My co-teacher, Mr. Matt, cut off the flaps, and then cut them into equal squares. This was done while the children slept, and the squares were saved for a future project.

All you need is just a squirt of liquid water color, some small paint brushes, and white crayons.

 Whenever you do an art project with young preschoolers, it is important to have enough supplies for each child to participate at the same time.
To make enough paint available, I put out about 12 jars for a table of 8. Each jar had 2-3 paint brushes in it, so there was no bickering over "my paint." 

Each child had their own crayon, and there were enough cardboard squares for them to make multiple masterpieces.

Smocks are made available, but no one is forced.

 I don't know why, but some children will LEAVE the art table if I even suggest a smock, as if the smock will somehow hinder their creative process!
Fear not, parents! Everything we use is washable.

There is something very personal about creating art. Each piece is unique and beautiful.
Art allows us to express ourselves and our feelings. 
Each piece of art is like a snapshot of how we were feeling at that moment.
The liquid colors blend, and make surprising new colors.
Speaking of surprises, the white crayon resists the paint, and pops out.

 Happy playing!

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