Sunday, July 31, 2011

Box Painting and 3D Picture Display

In my last post, I covered our experience with painting cardboard flaps. But what to do with the left over boxes? Well, we painted those, too, of course! 

Children need an upright easel to practice hand dominance and the proper pencil grasp. This child displays the  mature 3 finger pencil grip.

For more information on building pencil grasp, please visit this website, called OT Mom.

When the box was dry, I decided to use it as a 3D picture art display.

For now, I put pictures of the children painting on cardboard...

...but this can be re-used to display pictures of any activity, and displayed around the room.

I even stapled it to one, bare corner of the classroom, just above the children's eye level. We hung children's art from the bottom of the box. Now it's being displayed in the hallway just outside the classroom. 
How have you found ways to display children's art/ photos in your class? I'm interested in hearing about it! 

Happy playing!


  1. That looks absolutely ingenious. I am going to have to give that a try.

  2. so fun - their own 3D photo frame! :)

    want o invite you to share on our child centered linky party - the Sunday Showcase -


  3. At the bottom of the post under the "Resources" heading
    I listed that the sofas were from Plush Sofas (an Australian chain store).
    Our living room is really tiny (it looks bigger in the photos!) so they are compact little two seaters.
    We got them as floor stock so they were a great price.

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Thanks for you comment! Happy playing!

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