Monday, August 22, 2011

Organize Your Crayons, Markers, and Colored Pencils

The Problem:
I've been searching for ways to make my art and writing center more organized. I'm sick of marker lids being lost, basket contents getting mixed up despite all labeling, and colored pencils being forgotten. 

I found these thin baskets that are meant for organizing drawers at the dollar store. They were only 3 for a dollar! 

How I Did It:
  1. I hot-glued strips of construction paper to the bottom of each one: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, pink, purple, white, and brown.
  2. Then I sorted my crayons, (and later) my markers and colored pencils into the baskets according to their color. 
What works: 
  • Markers are lasting longer, now that lids don't get lost in one, huge bucket of markers. It is easier to find a marker lid in a small basket of only 4 markers. 
  • This is a natural color sorting activity. I over hear the children correcting each other, "NO...that goes in the red one!" 
  • I have more space on my writing shelves. I've since filled that empty space with baskets of stickers, pencils, note pads, dry-erase markers/ boards, various types of paper, calendars, etc. The extra space means more space for creativity!
  • The great thing about using baskets (as opposed to cups or cans) is that they are stack-able!

    What Doesn't:
  • I love my new organized shelves. The only qualm I have is that children may not learn to sort crayons from markers, and markers from colored pencils. This may become an issue when they move on to the next classroom. However, it works really well for my classroom of young 3's!
Happy playing!

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  1. Just found your boards on Pinterest - so many amazing pins for early years fun, exploring and learning (just like the one above). The children you work with are extremely lucky! Thanks for sharing
    Kate, Wild Things


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